Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Twittering Sergeants .......

It’s been an interesting month to date with the good weather providing an interesting backdrop for many incidents. Such weather also provides potential spikes for certain types of incidents such as increased opportunities for burglaries, drink driving and assaults with many being alcohol fuelled. You can rest assured our local policing teams are working hard to address such concerns by positive intervention and reassuring local communities.

This time of year also brings about another type of demand as it is PDR (personal development review) time, as the name suggests this basically a Police Officers annual review. This allows me to ensure each officer has their professional objectives discussed and aligned to our area objectives, in this way we all move in the same direction. Every officer is subject to this same process, I have my review with Chief Inspector Gordon Rutherford, mid-May. C/ Inspector Rutherford is new to our BCU but I have previously worked with him whilst at our force Head Quarters, I have always found him to be both professional and approachable and look forward to working with him again. On the subject of PDRs it also never ceases to amaze me as to how innovative and dedicated our officers are, it is a privilege to be their Inspector.

Speaking of innovation two of our Barrow Sergeants are now using twitter to further extend their connection with the public , this should make for some interesting updates as both are very proactive as are their respective teams , I will hopefully feature them in future blogs .

Those of you who live, work or simply visit Barrow may have noticed an increased policing presence on the main routes throughout the town including Abbey and Park Road. This is entirely by design and is part of our desire to Increase our visibility. It clearly sends out a message that we both want to protect the public and apprehend offenders. Coincidentally it also allows us to enforce road traffic law such as with those drivers continuing to misuse mobile phones whilst driving. My shift will in the future, be mounting a local initiative designed to reduce such misuse in coming weeks!

Timely reminder

The latest warm spell provides heightened opportunity for sneak in style burglaries please be careful and follow our most recent lock it or lose it advice. However if you do see or hear something suspicious do please let us know (no matter what the time) you are not disturbing or bothering us. You are however giving us an opportunity to meet up with our criminal clients; this is something we like to do at every opportunity as the relationship can sometimes be a little fraught!

One of our colleagues Sgt Steve Christy (Kendal Patrol Sgt) has recently been temporarily promoted to Inspector, we obviously wish Steve the very best of luck.

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