Wednesday, 17 July 2013

We're back

Decided to do a quick blog , primarily due to there being so much happening. The Barrow Neighbourhood team covers the areas of Barrow , Dalton , Askam and Walney , so we tend to be kept busy.

Firstly many thanks to all who have contributed to our junior citizen scheme. This is probably one of the greatest opportunities that we have to influence our young people , after all they will shape the future.

Here our young people are presented with a stranger danger option , don't worry the woman  on this occasion is one of our own PCSOs - but a valuable lesson is learnt by many ?


Domestic violence , night time economy violence  ,drink driving  anti social behaviour can all be negatively influenced  by alcohol , it might be the choice of poison for the nation but it still needs careful management. Recently I've attended a number of alcohol related meetings among them our own force strategy meeting , the South Cumbria Alcohol Strategy Group and more recently the Barrow Alcohol inquiry .

The historic Kendal Town Hall - where the South Cumbria Alcohol strategy meeting took place , great venue.

The slightly less formal Barrow Alcohol project meeting - getting down to grass roots problem solving , thanks for inviting me and thanks for your views . It does help to know our communities support us !

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Mobile phones 

Antisocial and dangerous misuse of mobile phones continue to plague our roads , so in conjunction with our Roads Policing colleagues , Neighbourhood team , and colleagues from CFRS  (fire service) we educated at least 40 people on the perils of misuse . Particular thanks to Sgt Chris O'Hare for pulling this operation together .

Special Constabulary 

On Monday 24th June, 15 Special Constables received Territorial Policing Commander Certificates of Merit for dedicating over 400 hours of their own time to policing across the South Cumbria area.

 I am indebted for the work the Special Constabulary undertake and was very happy to attend their recent awards ceremony.   Superintendent Mark Pannone and Chief Superintendent Steve Johnson presented certificates . Don't they all look smart and rightfully proud , once again thank you for your continued help .

Social Media 

Recently we held an event where some of our followers got a chance to meet up with a few of our own celebrities namely Police Dog Dexter and some of the Barrow Police authors . Great to meet up with some of our more avid followers . We currently have 5,777 followers , but we would be happy with more , follow us at @barrowpolice 


Very recently I have been looking at our ( ASB ) Anti Social Behaviour  picture , I think its true to say that this has changed significantly, moving very much from youth disorder towards more Anti social neighbour behaviour . We continue to work with the  local authority , landlords, Environmental Health and mediation services in an attempt to effectively remedy such incidents . we will discuss this more in future blogs .

I hope you have enjoyed our blog , hopefully we can use this tool to catch up on local events whilst also  keeping you informed of local concerns. Id like to leave you with just three messages - please secure your property , home , car , shed etc.,drink responsibly and if you do see/ hear  something suspicious let us know.

Until next time , thanks for taking the time to view our blog .

Mike O'Hagan 
Barrow neighbourhood Team Inspector 

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  1. Like the pictures...particularly the one of your new PCSO acting as a 'stranger' in the junior citizen event. Hopefully we won't have to wait as long for the next blog post!

    If you add 'share' buttons to the bottom of each post it will make it easier for us all to share :-)