Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A little more about the team

As previously “promised “, here’s some further information about me and the team I have responsibility for. Being a response Inspector means myself and the team work shifts allowing us to effectively support 24/7 policing in the areas of Barrow and Kendal. As an Inspector I am directly responsible for a team of some 20 Constables and as such have the assistance of six Sergeants four being patrol sergeants with the remaining two aligned to custody duties. Together we ensure effective day to day policing for the 2 main hubs of South Cumbria, namely Barrow and Kendal. I am passionate about policing and the service we provide, my intention in the coming months is to provide a little flavour of the type of demands faced by our team.

As a response Inspector I maintain operational responsibility across the area, ensuring policing services are delivered to the best of our ability, in line with our BCU (basic command unit) priorities -more of which in future weeks. I am ultimately accountable for this performance and service delivery - to the Chief Inspector, operations. Fortunately my team (unit 5) are hard working with a fervent desire to be both visible and accessible to the communities we serve.

As an Inspector I have an overriding responsibility to ensure officers are professional, motivated and knowledgeable in relation to their duties, the team shares a simple common aim “to do the best we can at every opportunity”. In my opinion the professional standards associated with policing are none negotiable. The emergency nature of operational policing however makes for a very demanding environment, with police officers dealing with a massive spectrum of activity ranging from routine patrol to dealing with violent individuals intent on causing others and sometimes themselves significant harm.

Unit 5 team is a comparatively young team and is particularly optimistic and intuitive, only last week I asked them to consider making increased use of social networking; this was received positively and in coming weeks will enable me to provide further information about individual officers , which I think you may find interesting. Hopefully I will also be able to share some of the more light hearted moments we come across in our world of local policing, some of which you really could not make up.

I hope you will find my observations both interesting and informing, please consider following me both here and on twitter to gain an increased insight into how we do business on your behalf each day in South Cumbria. Equally if you find this blog interesting you may find the below listed equally informing.

Follow me on twitter - http://twitter.com/#!/InspectorOHagan

Chief Superintendent Paul Kennedy - http://policingtheextramile.blogspot.com/

Deputy Chief Constable Stuart Hyde - http://stuhyde.blogspot.com/

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